International Harvester

B-275 Diesel Tractor

B-275 Tractor Data

Blue Ribbon Service Manuals

GSS-1239 - Transmission
GSS-1240 - Differential
GSS-1241 - Chassis
GSS-1242 - Fuel System
GSS-1243 - General Description and Specifications
GSS-1244 - Diesel Engine

GSS-1245 - Engine Clutch
GSS-1246 - Cooling System
GSS-1247 - Brakes
GSS-1248 - Power Take-Off
GSS-1249 - Electrical Equipment
GSS-1250 - Hydraulic System

Other Service Resources

Serviceman's Hand Book B-250 and B-275 Tractors

Service Bulletins

Parts Catalogue

TC-80 Revision Number 1 Parts Catalog


1960 IH B-275 Diesel Tractor

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