Blue Ribbon Service Manuals

GSS-1007 Engine
GSS-1008 Specifications
GSS-1012 Electrical Equipment
GSS-1013 Engine Lubrication System
GSS-1015 Chassis and Engine
GSS-1016 Cooling System
GSS-1024 Touch Control
GSS-1132 Fuel System

GSS-1053 Mower Cutter Bars - All Models
GSS-1310 Electrical
GSS-1356 Engine Tune-up Specifications
GSS-1052-C Testing and Servicing Electrical Equipment
GSS-1411 Service Manual for Cubs and Lo-boy Tractors
GSS-5035 Service Manual Magnetos
FOS-20 Chapter 6-Ignition Circuits
05-572 Fuel Tank Filler Neck Straightening Tool

Additional Service & Installation Instruction Manuals

Service Installation Packages

Valve Lash Adjusting Procedure
Carb Rebuilding Instructions