Cub And Related Equipment Parts Catalogs

There are more than just Cub Parts Manuals on this page. As the page grows, Parts Manuals or Parts Catalogues for McCormick-Deering Farmall Cub, McCormick Farmall Cub, IH Cub Lo-Boy and all of the associated Implements that were made by IH for the Cub will be ensconced here. In addition, as we know there are other uses for the famed C-60 Engine. For one we know that they were used as powerplants for Threshers, Power Units (generators) and other agricultural uses. Parker even used the C-60 in a Marine Environment. Hopefully we will eventually even have these Parts Manuals or Catalogs available. So that we are not incomplete, the French Cubs will also be represented here as soon as we have access to those versions.

TC-37 Series Parts Catalogs

TC-37A Parts Catalog (5-2-49)
TC-37C Parts Catalog (08-29-52)
TC-37D Revision 1 Parts Catalog (Revised 12-54)

TC-37F Revision 2 Parts Catalog (Issued 9-70)
TC-37F Revision 3 Parts Catalog (Issued 3-75)
TC-37F Revision 6 Parts Catalog (Issued 8-79)

C-60 Engine Parts Catalogs

ENG-1 Engine Parts Catalog Section A C-60 Engines

Engine - McCormick 50-T, 50-AW Pick-up Balers & 52-R Harvester-Thresher 8-22-49

Cub Implement Parts Catalogs

CBI-1A Revision 3 Parts Catalog
CBI-1A Revision 12 Parts Catalog
CBI-2A Revision 1 Parts Catalog
CBI-3 Revision 4 Parts Catalog

CU-4 Cultivators Parts Catalog Revision 5
MR-5 Mower Parts Manual
BS-1 Revision 4 - Blades

OEM Equipment Parts Catalogs

Danco IH C-1 Parts Manual

Danco IH C-2 Parts Manual