Cub Production Information

In this section I hope to be able to provide Production Information on the McCormick-Deering Farmall Cub, McCormick Farmall Cub, IH Cub and Cub-LoBoy as well as the Number Series Lo-Boys. This endeavor will take time, as it will depend almost entirely on the work that our members take on as personal projects. I hope to have not only production numbers, but also production break points where there are significant/major changes in the production line, or where paint, decals and other important changes were made to our favourite little tractor.
Please bear with us as we try to put this all together. Anyone wishing to help/volunteer for this project, please let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

Some of the data in this section will be in Excel and I realize not everyone has Excel or Office. So to help solve this dilema a bit I have included this link to Microsofts Excel 2003 Viewer. Hope this helps.

Cub Production SpreadSheets

Bill Doebler (GitTractorman)

Cub Production SpreadSheets

Cub Databases

Raymond Durban

Farmall Cub Database

Cub Production SpreadSheet - R3
Cub Production SpreadSheet - R4

IH Cub Low Boy Database

IH Cub Lo-Boy Production SpreadSheet - R3
IH Cub Lo-Boy Production SpreadSheet - R4

Numbered Series Cub Database

Numbered Cub Production SpreadSheet - R1

Barnyard's DashBoard Data

That Crazy Dash