CubFest 2004

How to get Here from There

Getting from one place you know to one you don't know is usually a very trying time for those of us travelling across this fair continent of ours. Ask any driver who has a co-pilot. So, this page is designed to make finding CubFest Northeast 2004 just a tad bit easier.

Each of these maps below depict the routes needed to arrive in Sussex from the four main border crossings from the US to Canada. These being in no particular order, Calais Maine, Houlton Maine, Van Buren Maine and Madawaska Maine.
As soon as I can get complete exit details I will add a written description for all routes.
For our friends from PEI and Nova Scotia, I shall have a map showing the basic routes available shortly.

Calais Maine

Houlton Maine

Houlton, Van Buren and Madawaska Maine

The following maps are meant more to inform our out of province friends how to get to Moncton from Halifax and PEI. From Moncton it is clear in the Calais Maine Map how to get to Sussex.

Halifax to Moncton

PEI to Moncton

Now For the Really Important Directions

Once you arrive in the Sussex area, you will see signs similar to what is depicted below. (This is just a preliminary - I stil need to do some work on it.) These signs are meant to help guide you to Chown's Farm. For example, you will see these signs around each exit, along highway 10 and at the foot of Gibbon Mountain Road and they will be visible from whichever direction you are travelling.
If you are travelling from St. John or Moncton, take Exit 193, follow the signs to Route 10. Stay on Route 10 for 15 Kms or 9.5 miles. Turn left onto Gibbon Mountain Road and drive for 1.4 Kms or 0.9 miles. The Chowns are the first farm on Gibbon Mountain Road. Here is a quick tip - once you see the road for Snider Mountain, you will be close, watch closely as Gibbon Mountain Road is easy to miss.
If you are travelling from Fredricton, take Exit 365, turn right a the stop sign. Travel for 20 Kms or 12 miles, turn right onto Gibbon Mountain Road and drive for 1.4 Kms or 0.9 miles. The Chowns are the first farm on Gibbon Mountain Road.
Remember, to look for the Cub signs as you travel from either direction.

Map to Chown's Farm

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If you would like to have a TripTik from your home to Sussex, you may contact the CAA or AAA via the info below:

Note: The 1-800 # is for CAA Maritimes. You should contact your Provincial CAA office for TripTiks.

Note: Use the web site to determine you local state AAA office for TrikTiks.

If you need further help or Information:

David Chown call: (506) 433-5083 or Rudi Saueracker call: (506) 853-5103 or