How To Contact Rudi

As the information age gets further advanced, we seem to end up with more electronic avenues of contacting one another than we had with the old snail mail or just VOTWP -- Voice Over Twisted Wire Protocols . So here are the various methods to contact me.


Voice Chat

R.H."Rudi" Saueracker, SSM or Spook291

Instant Messaging



Snail Mail:

R.H. "Rudi" Saueracker, SSM
2190 Champlain Street
Dieppe, NB
E1A 7J3


If sending manuals and stuff, please indicate on the package that contains reading material or electronic media. That way there is no duty applied. Hey, they tax us on everything!!
If sending other material, please declare it's value around $20.00US. There will be no duty applied as well. Please do not use the insured value as I will have to pay duty and taxes on the insured value.