by George Willer

Aligning the Front Tires on Your Cub

Gleaned from posts on the Forum

Joe posted this question:

Front tires on my '61 Cub are the three rib style. The outer rib (curb rib) on the front right tire is wearing excessively. Visually, it appears to be toed in. It appears the degree of toe in can be adjusted from the tie rod end. Any tricks for doing the adjustment?
In auto garages they use a line which seems parallel to the rear tire and extends forward past the front tire and I imagine the tie rod end then is adjusted till the front tire also is parallel to the line. Does that make any sense Is there a more scientific method?
Many thanks for your help. Joe.

George Willer answered:

This works well for me. Make sure the steering arms are tight. Measure the distance between the tires, front and back. Add the two measurements and divide by two. Cut a stick to that length...and cut another 1/4" longer.
Unfasten the tie rod ends.
Place the shorter stick between the front of the tires and the longer between the rear. Friction will hold them.
Adjust the tie rod ends so they just fit.

See...nothing to it!