Ron "Kodiak" Whiting

Kodiak's Karry-All

Here are some pics of Ron's Karry-All that he designed and fabricated. It has become so popular that others on the forum have also fabricated variations of this particularily handy implement. These are aids in setting it up once it has been fabricated. The original drawings are just after the pictures, and they are set up to fit on the page for easier viewing. You can download the varies file types by right clicking on the links below and choosing "Save Target As" to your Computer. Have fun building this useful, handy and fun project!

Kodiak's Karry-All Page 1 (jpeg)
Kodiak's Karry-All .dwg File (coming soon)
Kodiak's Karry-All PDF File

Kodiak's Karry-All Page 2 (jpeg)
Kodiak's Karry-All .tcw File
Kodiak's Karry-All Microsoft Word File