Cub-22 Mower

Cub-22 Mower PTO Shield
Cub-22 Mower Grass Board
Cub-22 Mower Grass Board Stiffener Plate
Cub-22 Grassboard Boot

Note: The Grass Board.tif file is a full scale file, which means that it is 8-1/2"x36" in size. To view it properly you will have to view at 100%. You will also have to rotate the view 90 degrees counterclockwise to view it correctly. You will also have to view it as a photo negative. When I resaved with the proper orientation and as a photo-negative, the resulting file was over 7 megs, so I left it as scanned on a commercial scanner.
For the time being, printing instructions are not available. I am contacting HP to see what settings are required to print 8.5x36" pages. I may actually have to break up the scan into 4 jpegs, which can then be printed, aligned and taped together to become a pattern. As I find out, I shall let you know. If anyone has instructions for other printers, I would be glad to include them here.
Thanks all